9-Ball gets the boot

One of MSA's composers, who went by "9-ball" has been fully removed from the project.

He was proven to be a serial plagiarist (1:1 copies of songs, even submitted tracks from other games directly) and manipulator who blackmails ghost writers into composing for him, while taking all the credit. He has been at it for years, and will likely continue to do it under different names. Some past aliases include Lanzhing, fumim0to, 86, Nazca, A2, Tetrapneumon.



Please message me if you can source the original creators of these tracks. If that helps he is known to rip off tracks from members of T-Square, and obscure Japanese games.


Mechanical Star Astra Demo A ver 1.03.zip 14 MB
6 days ago
Mechanical Star Astra Demo A ver 1.03 (Wine & Toaster ver).zip 14 MB
6 days ago


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Everything is going to be all right! Eager for a finished version! Wanna buy it on spot!

Will take some time, especially since I want to fill it up with content! But hey until then there's gonna be several demos, each one more or less unique probably.


Amazing! Cant wait for more!!!!! Yout shmup is a blast!

that is horrible im sorry to hear you had someone like that on your development team.

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It's alright, I learned a hard lesson since I'm also responsible for this for not vetting him more thoroughly.