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REDPULSE is a run 'n gun game inspired by bullet hell shooters that encourages speedy and aggressive gameplay.

Features :

  • No nonsense arcade-style action
  • 5 levels, 8 bosses, 3 weapons each with a unique special attack
  • 2 difficulty settings, Mild balanced for beginners and Intense meant for run 'n gun/shoot 'em up veterans
  • Designed for short, action packed sessions
  • Intuitive scoring system - go fast and kill everything for a higher score
  • A lot of explosions

If your gamepad isn't supported by default, x360ce should do the trick.


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REDPULSE v1.1.zip 75 MB
REDPULSE Soundtrack.zip 33 MB
[OLD] v1.0 Linux Test Build (32bit).zip 75 MB
[OLD] REDPULSE v1.0.zip 75 MB

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Dude this game kicks ass

Stumbled across this game by accident and found it's really similiar to a project I'm currently working on. So I'm really happy to see the concept of "shmup run and gun where you go fast" is actually doable lmao

Yet to beat it but I'm really enjoying my time with it so far

Thanks a lot! Yea it's a pretty rare mix from what I've seen, most bullet hell inspired run n guns are a lot more boss rushy with very short stages like Bleed 2 and stuff


This game is amazing and deservers to be more widely played. Graphics are a little rough but everything else is top notch.

Thanks for the kind words! Would be fun to go back & polish this game up some day if I'll have the time


In its current state it would already be well worth paying for. It is already more polished than most genre entries out there on consoles currently.

I would not say no to a sequel, however.


Man, I really like this thing. Super clean visual style. Nice scoring system. Weapon system like gunstar heroes. But just very clean. Good Stuff!

Aw shit, thank you very much! Happy to hear that you had fun with this ancient game of mine


What's the difference between 1.1 and Mark II?

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Mark II is a small build I did for a friend - it removes inertia from dashing but also removes the slide, and removes the weapon power levels. The performance is really iffy though cause it's a quick & sloppy GMS 1.4 to GMS 2 conversion so you might get some stutters when loading in levels and what not.


somehow i broke the game without even getting past the tutorial


i fixed it

Word, what was it?


Very fun game! I really like the changes in 1.1.

Thanks a ton!


this game is good real good

Thanks, glad you like it!


any fan of pure action games shouldn,t miss this game ! 

i finally found the action game i been looking for when i scroll itch